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You will find in our shop from the softest cheese to the unmistakable old cheese flavour Discover them

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Artisan sheep cheese cream

The bet to accompany a vermouth. Ideal in cocktails and appetizers with lots of combinations. Assured success!

El Gran César

Unique cheese with strength in its flavor, typical of the classics of the earth. Special for cheese lovers, to enjoy all the snacks and accompany it with a wine of long aging.

Cheese in oil

Our cheese cured in oil does not disappoint! The best way of conservation for one of our favorites. Take it as an aperitif or dessert accompanied by a sweet wine.

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If you like cheese flavour, do not excuse yourself and book a commented tasting with your friends or collegues. You would love it

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The third chives conference in Consuegra

A day full of flavours. For the third consecutive year, we have participated in the Chive conference. This last year with a very special visit of our cherished Pepe from Masterchef. ¡We will wait you for the...

School workshop

We received to a French school in our Factory. The children and teachers were very interested in the manufacturing process and during the tasting. They left very satisfied.

In a Granada Festival

The last week we were in a festival, organized by Cifuentes Bros in Granada. There were different Spanish products. Between a long audience who assisted to the event, we could show our products.


When you marinade Quesos Cesar with wine, I do not doubt. Otazu for Gran César, Botas de Barro for the mature one, I love L`Cousine for oil cheese and my favourite vermouth for the cheese cream…Lustau.

Emma Colmenero

Chef , La Caponata, Tomares. Sevilla

Did you know? The ideal temperature for cutting a mature or old mature cheese is 18-20º. In order to do a good cut use a width edge and heat it before do that, you will be surprise how sharp wedge you would be able to do with our Gran César one.

Pilar Verbo

CEO, Quesos César