Our Gran César Cheese was classified in the GOURMETQUESOS 2020 contest as one of the BEST CHEESES in Spain.
Maturation of more than 12 months in the cellar.


From fresh to aged, enter our store and enjoy a wide variety of sheep cheese offerings.

Different tastes and textures for your palate

In our shop you will discover a great selection of flavours from the smoothest variety to the unmistakable flavour of the mature cheese
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Creme cheese

The best option to accompany a vermouth. Ideal for cocktails and snacks because of its versatility. You can’t go wrong!

Grand César

Unique cheese with a strong, classic flavor which is characteristic of this area. This is a special variety perfect for the cheese aficionados. It is meant to be slowly enjoyed accompanied by an aged wine.

Cheese in olive oil

Our cured cheese in oil does not disappoint. It is the best way of preserving our favourite cheese. You can have it as a snack or even as dessert accompanied by sweet wine.

Guided tasting sessions

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If you are a cheese enthusiast, there is no excuse! Make a reservation for one of our guided tasting sessions with friends or work colleagues. We are sure you will all enjoy it!

New products

Third Annual Spring Onion festival en Consuegra

A day filled with flavours. For the third year running, we have taken part in the Spring Onion Festival. This year with a very special guest: our beloved Pepe from Masterchef. We look forward to seeing...

Workshops for schools

We had the pleasure of having a French school visiting us. Both Children and teachers found the preparation process and the tasting very interesting.

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If you like cheese there are no excuses, book a tasting with friends or company companion. You'll love it.


When it comes to having the perfect marriage of cheese and wine, there is no doubt. Otazu is the perfect one for Gran César and Botas de Barro for cured cheese. I love L´cousine for cheese in oil and for cream cheese my favourite vermouth… Lustau.

Emma Colmenero

Chef , La Caponata, Tomares. Sevilla

Did you know that the ideal temperature to slice cured or mature cheese is 18-20º C? In order to cut the perfect slice of cheese you need to use a wide bladed heated knife. You will be surprised by the beautifully cut wedges you get from Grand César cheese.

Pilar Verbo

Director, Quesos César